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Tokonoma definition is – a niche or alcove in the wall of a Japanese house for the display of a decorative object.Missing: C3% ‎A9finition

A tokonoma or simply toko (床), is a recessed space in a Japanese-style reception room, in which items for artistic appreciation are displayed. In English, a …Missing: d% ‎C3% ‎A9finition

Japanese Culture: Tokonoma 床の間. Mark Brazil. Japanese tokonoma. On entering a traditional Japanese-style room (washitsu) the focal point of the room will …Missing: d% ‎C3% ‎A9finition

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Tokonoma, alcove in a Japanese room, used for the display of paintings, pottery, flower arrangements, and other forms of art. Household accessories are …Missing: d% ‎C3% ‎A9finition