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Koi fish are colorful, ornamental versions of the common carp. Modern Japanese koi are believed to date back to early 19th-century Japan where wild, colorful carp were caught, kept and bred by rice farmers. The word “koi” comes from the …

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錦鯉 – Nishikigoi, often called Koi fish or Japanese carp, are fish with colors and patches raised and kept for appreciation. The carp originates from China and was brought to Japan by means of gifts.

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I think all of you should know about Koi fish. “Koi” means Japanese carp. Koi is popular not only in Japan, but also among the world. As far back as, 2500 years, Koi was found in China and Eastern Asia. Japanese Koi fish …

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Koi fish are considered lucky symbols in Japan, as they're frequently associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Often appearing in ponds at gardens and holy sites like Buddhist temples, where the …

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Koi or more specifically jinli or nishikigoi are colored varieties of the Amur carp (Cyprinus rubrofuscus) that are kept for decorative purposes in … The words “koi” and “nishikigoi” come from the Japanese reading of Classical Chinese words 鯉 (common carp) and 錦鯉 (brocaded carp) respectively. In both languages, the …Species‎: ‎Cyprinus rubrofuscus

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