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Easy Care Bonsai will make the perfect gift for that someone with a brown thumb. Bonsai with modest light and training requirements are in this group.

Portulacaria Afra Succulent Plant, Easy Care Bonsai
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A common misconception about Bonsai trees is that they should be kept indoors. In fact, most Bonsai … There are several trees that you can grow indoor, but by far the most common (and the easiest to care for) is the Ficus Bonsai. The Ficus is …‎Outdoor Bonsai · ‎Carmona (Fukien Tea) · ‎Jade tree · ‎Sweet Plum

Strong, Powerful, Carved beginners indoor bonsai with extremely impressive stature
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Tall, gigantic and fabled African tree, the great baobab is truly adaptable to become a bonsai. Easy to care and maintain in warm climates, the baobab tree bonsai requires some care in winter in cooler zones. Learn everything about growing …

Refined and Upright Juniper Bonsai DIY Kit. Requires Wiring the Tree (Which Is Fun & Easy) To Turn It into an Upright Juniper.
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We offer a wide selection of Bonsai trees for beginners and those just starting. These are easy to care for trees and make perfect gifts.‎Chinese Elm Bonsai – Great … · ‎Dwarf Mini Jade Bonsai Tree · ‎Green Mound Juniper

Parson's Juniper Bonsai Raw Material
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Learn how to grow a Bonsai tree yourself! This step-by-step guide explains Bonsai care, cultivation and design.

Ligustrum sinense Easy Care Orchard Indoor Bonsai - Broom Style
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If you're new to Bonsai, the good news is that there are a lot of ideal Bonsai plants for beginners. Even experienced hobbyists looking for a good gift Bonsai will do well to recall the basics of Bonsai, because it's easy to forget …

The Little Book of Bonsai: An Easy Guide to Caring for Your ...
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All of the bonsai trees listed in our Indoor Recommendations category are also very easy to maintain indoors but will require more natural light from a window. We consider most flowering & fruiting bonsai trees more difficult to care for in that …

Easy Bonsai Training and Shaping | Bonsai for Beginners ...
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Just getting started? This list of beginner bonsai trees is a good place to begin. It will tell you which bonsai are easy, which ones will grow indoors or not!‎Jade Bonsai · ‎Ficus bonsai · ‎The Juniper Bonsai · ‎Chinese Elm Bonsai

16 Year Old Powerful & Winding Easy Beginners Indoor Bonsai
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