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Bonsai was imported from China Tang (BC618 – BC907) and has been evolved in Japan inimitably. Current Japanese style of Bonsai has been formed in Edo Dynasty (BC1603 – BC1868). Our company's history of Bonsai export is very long.

For customers who wish purchase bonsai plants and related goods from our website, please purchase them via the bonsai exporting professional designated by our company. Be rest assured that the import and export company designated by …

The export of bonsais/The export of bonsai tools/The export of bonsai bowls/The export of Japanese garden material/A session and tour of the Japanese culture/

As far as bonsai is concerned, we provide all kinds of products and services. We also sell bonsai tools, bonsai pots, display stand, and other bonsai related products, as well as bonsai schools, workshops and bonsai tours.

Plant Protection Stations perform import inspections for plants to prevent the entry of harmful pests from overseas into … Japanese white pines and Juniper bonsai for export to the EU, pear fruits for export to the US and Australia, and apple …

… of Taiwan Bonsai. Learn from Japan, fuse with Chinese. … We expand our service from exporting Taiwan bonsai to import/ export Japanese plant. … Japan. Nowadays the beauty of bonsai tree has been widely appreciated around the world.

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