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Privet (Ligustrum) Bonsai Tree

Ligustrum is a genus of about forty species of erect, deciduous or evergreen shrubs, sometimes forming small or medium-sized trees. They are now all known by the common name of privet.

Popular styles for Privet bonsai include informal uprights, single or multiple trunks styles.

Position the Privet in full sun or shade. Privet are hardy but as a Bonsai you should protect the trees from extreme cold temperatures and winds. It is possiple to grow Privet bonsai indoors with the right humidity conditions.

Repot Privet Bonsai annually as a young tree and 'as and when required' for older trees. Use a good, well draining compost.

Heavy pruning should take place in early spring or late autumn. Pinching or light pruning during the summer months. Privet Bonsai response well to wiring.

Feed every three weeks during the growing season with a general plant feed or add a slow release feed to the compost.

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