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Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) Bonsai Tree

Jasminum nudiflorum or Winter Jasmine, is a slender, deciduous shrub native to China. It has arching green shoots and opposite, pinnate, dark green leaves. Each leaf is divided into three oval-oblong leaflets which are about 3 cm long. As its name suggests Winter Jasmine flowers, in the Northern Hemisphere, from November to March. The solitary flowers have six petals and are bright yellow, about 1 cm across, appearing in the leaf axils.

Winter Jasmine make good flowering, deciduous Bonsai. Winter Jasmine Bonsai are suitable for most bonsai types.

Position the Winter Jasmine Bonsai in a full sun or partial shade position. Protect the bonsai from weather extremes.

Repot the tree, as and when required, usually yearly for young trees. Use a good well draining Bonsai compost. Keep the soil moist but never over watered.

Feed Winter Jasmine every two weeks during the summer months. Use a slightly weak all-purpose feed.

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