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Hemlock (Tsuga) Bonsai Tree

Hemlock are medium-sized to large evergreen trees, ranging from 10–60m tall, with a conical to irregular crown, with the latter occurring especially in some of the Asian species. The species are all adapted to (and are confined to) relatively moist cool temperate areas with high rainfall, cool summers, and little or no water stress; they are also adapted to cope with heavy to very heavy winter snowfall and tolerate ice storms better than most other trees

Most common Bonsai styles for the Hemlock include a formal and informal upright, slanting, cascade, twin-trunk and group plantings. Hemlock trees can be wired all throughout the year but be careful that the wire does not bite into the tree.

Hemlock prefer a semi shade position. Keep the soil moist at all times. Never let the soil dry out or become waterlogged for a prolonged period. Hemlock Bonsai tolerates frost but it should not be exposed to extremes.

Repot the Hemlock every year or every other year for young specimen trees. Repotting can be done in early spring. Trim up to a quarter of the roots. You can repot the Hemlock using a general bonsai compost.

Pruning can be done throughout the year. Heavy pruning should be done in winter.

Feed the Hemlock every other week during the main growing period with a general fertiliser.


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