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Fuchsia Bonsai Tree

Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants that consists mostly of shrubs or small trees. There are currently almost 110 recognized species of Fuchsia.

Fuchsia make good flowering, deciduous Bonsai. Fuchsia Bonsai take a little extra work but the effort is rewarding.

Position the Fuchsia Bonsai in a full sun or partial shade position.

Fuchsia are suitable for all Bonsai styles. Most Fuchsia Bonsai are styled to show off the flowers.

Repot as and when required, usually yearly for young trees. Use a good well draining Bonsai compost. Keep the soil moist but never over watered.

Feed Fuchsia Bonsai every two weeks up until flower starts. Stop feeding during flowering and resume a two weekly feed after flowering stops.

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fuchsia bonsai tree