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Field Elm (Ulmus minor) Bonsai Tree

Ulmus minor the Field Elm, is by far the most polymorphic of the European species. The tree typically grows to 30 m and bears a rounded crown. The bark of the trunk is rough, furrowed lightly in older trees to form a block pattern.

Field Elm Bonsai make good outdoor, deciduous bonsai trees. Give the tree a full sun or mostly sunny location.

Field Elm can be grown in most upright informal and formal styles. Single trunk, informal styles are common.

Keep the Field Elm well watered throughout the growing season. The soil should be kept moist at all other times. Use rainwater if possible and the tree will also benefit from a regular water mist spray.

Young Field Elm should be repotted annually. Use a good well draining compost mix.

Heavy pruning should be done in early spring. General pruning can be done throughout the growing season.

Feed the bonsai with a general purpose plant feed every two weeks or use a slow release feed in the compost.


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