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Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina) Bonsai Tree

Ficus benjamina, commonly known as the Weeping Fig, Benjamin's Fig, or the Ficus Tree and often sold in stores as just a "Ficus", is a species of fig tree, native to south and southeast Asia and Australia. It is a very popular house plant in temperate areas.

Weeping Fig Bonsai can be kept outside in the summer months. Give the tree a light position but not in direct midday sunlight. The trees should not be exposed to frost or extremely high temperatures. Bring the trees indoor over winter. Keep them on a window sill with plenty of light.

Weeping Fig can be grown in most Bonsai styles. Group plantings and single trunk uprights are very popular. As Weeping Fig is a popular indoor plant, it's easy to find plenty of growing material.

Keep the Weeping Fig well watered throughout the growing season. The soil should be kept moist at all other times. Use rainwater if possible and the tree will also benefit from a regular water mist spray.

Young Weeping Fig Bonsai should be repotted annually. Use a good well draining compost mix.

Heavy pruning should be done in early spring. General pruning can be done throughout the growing season.

Feed the Weeping Fig bonsai with a general purpose plant feed every two weeks or use a slow release feed in the compost.


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