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Hornbeam (Carpinus) Bonsai Tree

Hornbeams are relatively small hardwood trees in the genus Carpinus. Though some botanists grouped them with the hazels and hop-hornbeams in a segregate family, Corylaceae, modern botanists place the hornbeams in the birch subfamily Coryloideae. The 30–40 species occur across much of the north temperate regions, with the greatest number of species in east Asia, particularly China. Only two species occur in Europe, and only one in eastern North America.

Hornbeam make excellent outdoor, deciduous Bonsai trees. Bonsai styled in almost all forms including informal and formal uprights, slanting, cascade, single and group plantings.

Hornbeam Bonsai can be positioned in full sun or partial shade. Protect the tree from extreme sunshine and drying winds as this can encourage leaf scorching. Protect Hornbeam Bonsai from extreme cold temperatures.

Keep the Bonsai soil moist at all times. If available, use rainwater to water your Bonsai.

Repot Hornbeam Bonsai trees in the early spring before the new leaves show. Use a general bonsai compost.

Heavy pruning can be done in the late autumn or early spring. Pinch growing tips in the early spring to suppress growth. General light pruning can be done at any time. Hornbeam Bonsai responds well to wiring although quality results can be achieved by natural pruning.

Feed your Hornbeam Bonsai every two weeks with a general plant fertiliser during the growing season.


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