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Fukien Tea (Carmona microphylla) Bonsai Tree

Carmona is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. Members of the genus are commonly known as Scorpionbush.

Fukien Tea Tree is often used as an indoor Bonsai tree because of its ability to develop a thick and interesting trunk, small white flowers that bloom almost year round, and tiny round green, red, or black fruits. The lobed leaves are shiny dark green and maintain their small size. Pre-shaped Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai can often be found in garden centres selling indoor Bonsai trees.

In summer the Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai can be kept outside in a sunny, sheltered location. Do not expose the tree to any frost. Keep the Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai indoors in winter, positioned on a sunny window sill.

Fukien Tea Tree is suitable for most upright Bonsai styles. The tree tends to grow vertical shoots so wiring may be necessary to make your desired Bonsai shape.

Repot young trees yearly in the spring. Use a good, well draining compost mix. Do not feed newly potted trees for at least a month.

Keep the Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai soil moist at all times throughout the year. Avoid under or over watering.

Feed the Bonsai tree every 2 or 3 weeks in spring and summer. Feed every 4 or 5 weeks at all other times whilst growth is actice.

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