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Camellia Bonsai Tree

Camellia, the camellias, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae. They are native to eastern and southern Asia, from the Himalaya east to Korea and Indonesia. Camelias are evergreen and small trees up to 20 meters tall. Their leaves are alternately arranged, simple, thick, serrated, and usually glossy. Their flowers are usually large and conspicuous, one to 12cm in diameter, with five to nine petals in naturally occurring species of camellias.

The most popular Bonsai choice is the Camellia sasanqua, because it is small and hardy.

You can position Camellia bonsai in most locations, however for a good flower display, a semi-shaded position with morning sun is best.

Formal and informal upright styles are favourites. Camellia bonsai are often shaped to show off their flower displays. Trim the Bonsai after flowering.

Repot young Bonsai yearly in early spring. Use a good draining, lime free compost.

Feed the Bonsai every two weeks during the growing season and up to the point of flowering. Stop feeding as soon as the flowers appear. Resume with a monthly feed when the Bonsai has stopped flowering. Use a feed designed for acid loving plants.

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Camellia bonsai tree