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Azalea (Rhododendron) Bonsai Tree

Azaleas are flowering shrubs comprising of two of the eight subgenera of the genus Rhododendron, Pentanthera (deciduous) and Tsutsuji (evergreen). Azaleas bloom in spring and their flowers often last several weeks. Azalea make great flowering Bonsai. Garden centres usually have a good choice of Azaleas that can be made into Bonsai.

Azalea bonsai are usually styled so that the flowers are optimally displayed.

Keeping your Azalea Bonsai in a partial shade position will help produce a better flower display. Protect the tree from extreme weathers.

Repot young tress yearly in the early spring. Azalea Bonsai require a well draining, acidic soil mix.

Feed the Bonsai every two weeks during the growing season and up to the point of flowering. Stop feeding as soon as the flowers appear. Resume with a monthly feed when the Bonsai has stopped flowering. Use a feed designed for acid loving plants.

Pruning of your Azalea Bonsai should be done as soon as the flowering has stopped.

Keep the Azalea Bonsai tree well watered during the peak growing season. Keep the soil moist at all other times. Try to use rain water were possible.


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