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Ash (Fraxinus) Bonsai Tree

The Ash is a fast growing deciduous tree found all over the UK. Ash seeds grow well but will need to be planted over winter. Ash generally are best made into a large bonsai as Ash have large leaves and thick fast growing branches. Ash Bonsai are challenging but can be very rewarding if keep under control.


Ash Bonsai are happy in full sun or partial shade. In summer the trees consume a large amount of water so you should water the trees as much as possible. At all other times, keep the soil moist. Ash are frost tolerant but will require some protection in the north of the UK.


Repot young Ash Bonsai trees every year. Older trees should be repotted every two or three years. Ash tolerate most soils but do not like a high acid content.


You can prune Ash Bonsai hard in the spring during the trees dormant period.


Use a regular week feed during the growing season. A high content nitrogen feed should be avoided as this may encourage large leaf growth.


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