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Crabapple, Apple (Malus) Bonsai Tree

Crabapple and apple Bonsai trees are commonly grown as a flowering bonsai. These deciduous bonsai trees are easy to grow are available in many varieties. There are many good examples of crabapple Bonsai trees around which were 'grown from a seed' during a Bonsai masters childhood.

Crabapple Bonsai prefer a full sun position. Most species are very frost resistant and need very little protection. Water the crabapple bonsai well during the growing season. In all other times make sure that the soil is kept moist but not waterlogged.

Repot young trees every year during the Bonsai trees dormant period. Crabapple Bonsai are tolerant to most soils but a general Bonsai compost mix is recommended.

Crabapple Bonsai trees should be fed every 2 weeks until flowering. After flowering you should reduce feeding to once a month.

Crabapple bonsai should be pruned back in the autumn to encourage a good flowering display in the following year.

Crabapple Bonsai are usually in the form of a informal style with a single or multiple trunk. 



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Crabapple bonsai tree