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Andromeda (Pieris)

Pieris is a species consisting of about 7 evergreen shrubs found in the Himalayas, E. Asia, North America and the West Indies.

Pieris japonica is a common garden species that is also suitable for use as a Bonsai tree. These Bonsai are hardy and have a good tolerance of the southern UK climate. In the North, protect your tree during cold spells below -5C. Try to keep your Andromeda Bonsai trees in a partial shade position.

Common bonsai styles include a single informal upright style, cascade or small group plantings.

New shoots should be pruned during the growing season. Dead head after the flowing season. The Andromeda Bonsai tree can be pruned hard after the flowering season.

Repotting should take place in the spring. Repot every one or two years during the early growing stages of the bonsai tree, older Andromeda specimens can be pruned every 4 years. Andromeda really do hate lime so make sure you use a lime free soil mix.

Feed your Andromeda Bonsai tree every few weeks during the growing season. Use a fertilizer recommended for plants that do not like lime.


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Andromeda Pieris Bonsai tree