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Field Maple (Acer Campestre) Bonsai Tree

Acer Campestre, common name Field Maple, is a maple native to much of Europe, north to southern England (where it is the only native maple), Denmark, Poland and Belarus, and also southwest Asia from Turkey to the Caucasus, and north Africa in the Atlas Mountains. In North America it is known as Hedge Maple and in Australia it is sometimes called Common Maple.

Maples make fascinating bonsai due to their leaf colour changes and interesting natural tree like structures. A good source of Field Maple Bonsai material is available from old hedges, garden centres, cuttings or seed grown trees.

The Field Maple may not be as pretty as the Japanese Maples but they do respond well to Bonsai technics. The most common style is a single upright tree.

The Field Maple likes to be in a sunny or a partial shade position. Try to protect the Bonsai from strong drying winds. especially during spring.

Keep the Bonsai well watered throughout the growing season.

Repotting should be done yearly for young Field Maples. Old specimens should only be repotted every three or four years. Field Maples are not very fussy when it comes to soil so a general well draining compost mix will be adequate.

Feed every two weeks with a general soluble plant feed.


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